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Restrictions on the Movement of Firewood

Please note that there are restrictions in place that prohibit campers and other visitors from bringing firewood into Warsaw Caves Conservation Area, or onto other properties managed by the Otonabee Region Conservation Authority, from areas known to be affected by insect pests including the Asian Long Horned Beetle (Toronto) and the Emerald Ash Borer (Toronto, Windsor, London). A general restriction applies to firewood from the United States.

The movement of firewood from affected areas is known to be one of the key factors in the spread of these and other destructive insects. Protect your forests by buying your firewood where you camp!

More information:

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Operating Policy

ORCA enforces operating policies that restrict the movement of firewood onto its properties that are based in applicable Provincial and Federal regulations intended to control the spread of insect pests, and in those regulations generally governing Conservation Authorities.

Restrictions are currently in place on firewood from Toronto, areas of southwestern Ontario (including Windsor and London), and the United States. These restrictions will also be enforced with respect to firewood of undetermined origin and may at any time be extended to include other areas. These restrictions do not apply to firewood purchased locally within Peterborough County (proof of local purchase may be required).

ORCA staff may refuse entry to, or direct the eviction of, any person(s) transporting onto its lands firewood known to have originated from an area under quarantine or other control order, or firewood from any undetermined source.

The restriction applies to any part of a tree, as well as to wooden skids and shipping materials, or any other material intended for use as firewood.

ORCA staff may seize and remove, or cause to have seized and removed, any firewood brought onto its lands known to originate from an area under quarantine or other control order, or firewood from any undetermined source.

ORCA staff will report to the appropriate authorities any breach or suspected breach of any quarantine or other control order.

ORCA makes firewood available for retail sale at those locations where it permits campfires. The proceeds of firewood sales directly support the recreation operations of the Conservation Authority.

ORCA may from time-to-time make firewood available for the use of group campers (who are part of a designated organization) at no cost through its seasonal forestry operations. Subject to availability and other conditions.

The removal of living or dead trees, including foraging for deadfall, is not permitted.

Current to February 4, 2008


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